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Gourmet with a sweet tooth, curious, I love – as many of us- what is fine and good.


I created BFT to enlight our gastronomy patrimony and those who DO it, unveiling you the crispy addresses of our town. But also to share my passion for Bordeaux and its anecdotes and stories.


Vintage 73, I was born in the heart of volcanoes...and cheeses from Auvergne area, in the center of France. I then stayed in Burgundy, between charolais beef and wine route, to set up in Bordeaux 30 years ago. So  many good reasons for loving the finest things!

From my 20 years on in the tourism sector, I've kept many travel memories, especially culinary. Always eager to discover THE good restaurant, THE best specialty, whatever salted, sweet, to drink or to eat provided it be local and qualitative. Living in Bordeaux, wine is also of interest and in 2015 I successfully passed an oenotourism degree (level 3).


My guilty pleasure?


Difficult to make a choice... but let's say :





A black chocolate 1st "Cru" from Cuba with its incredible liquorice aromas from Hasnaâ Chocolats and dried sliced duck breast from Maison Lafitte for a chic and appetizing aperitive! (to enjoy separately...)


In a more serious mode, the French gastronomy meal is classified by UNESCO along with Bordeaux town.

Add it a rich and varied terroir, talented and passionate producers, crafstpeople and chefs, so many good reasons to discover


 «Bordeaux the place to eat» !

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